And what is the all that is impermanent?

I have never been much of a confessional blogger – you know, someone who regularly posts updates on their emotional life, and the circumstances of their daily routine, their digestion, their companion animals. This has its advantages, which ought probably to be obvious, but it has its disadvantages too.

I have not posted here lately, not for lack of wanting to, but because there has been a family bereavement recently. 

We are still here, though, and while I haven’t been able to find the right words here, our “living adventurously” does go on, perhaps even more vividly through these times of change and impermanence.

More later…

4 thoughts on “And what is the all that is impermanent?

  1. susieq777

    You and I fit on completely opposite sides of the blogging coin, sir.

    Hugs to you and yours. I’ll be thinking of you, whatever it is that happens to be going on with you ❤

  2. Mike Farley Post author

    We do, Sue! (Which is probably why I always enjoy reading Discombobula, even though I am sadly lacking in comments…) And thank you v much for your hugs. Things are OK, really, just a little sad, and full of the kind of chaos only bureaucracy and old age working together can generate. Just wish I could settle down to think and write, but in spare moments all either of us does is flopse 😉

  3. Greenpatches

    From the sound of it flopsing is the best thing for you both to be doing. Blogging shouldn’t be an obligation, though I always enjoy reading your reflections when you do put finger to keyboard. Thinking of you both through whatever you’re facing.


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