Silent Assemblies will remain online, at least for the time being, but there will be no further posts here or on my other blogs, The Mercy Blog and A Long Restlessness.

There is an entirely new blog at An Open Ground, where I hope to continue the journey begun here. I do hope readers will continue to follow along – I am so grateful for your faithful support over the years!

6 thoughts on “Archived

  1. Mike Farley Post author

    The link is in the blog title within the post – just click the words “An Open Ground” and the hyperlink should take you straight there. Thanks for following!


    Hi, Mike. I did not understand how yo continue with An open ground. Will you be contactable by email? Should I use googlemail address? I am pretty hopeless. Love, Sheila

    House phone: 01483 505814 Mobile: 07305754939

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Mike Farley Post author

      It’s a blog, Sheila, so you click on the linked words in this post, “An Open Ground”, and that will take you to the blog. You can leave comments there, or if you just wish to be in touch personally, email me on either of my usual email addresses. Hope you find your way to it all right!


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