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I have been struck by the fact that, while the readership of this blog has not fallen away all that much, readership of my new blog, A Long Restlessness, has not taken over, as I had expected, from this and from my original blog, The Mercy Blog. Perhaps I have made a tangle for myself?

Accordingly, I have reproduced here the last two posts from the new blog, as they deal with explicitly Quaker concerns, and I should like them to have as wide as readership as they reasonably may.

Perhaps readers might like to let me know, either on the comments here or in the Quaker Facebook groups from which many of my readers are drawn, whether A Long Restlessness is in fact a good idea – combining as it does the interests of both this and my earlier blog – or whether they simply find it confusing!

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6 thoughts on “Recent posts…

  1. bandjo2013

    I connected to your other site when you said it was available. However I only received the first two posts … none as trash either. I forgot about it, until today. But I may be alone in that … or in having a lot of emails to go through each day. John Nurse

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  2. Tom E

    Thanks, Mike. I wasn’t actually aware, personally, that your new blog was up and running. I found much of interest in your two recent posts (particularly liked your quote from Caroline Stephen – what a great writer, and sensitive soul, she was).

    If you’re asking our opinion, well, if it was me, I think I’d be happy just to make do with one blog. I don’t see any great advantage in a proliferation of blogs, particularly if the subject matter is not as distinct as all that (by which I mean they all concern spiritual/religious topics). If one of them was about football or something, then obviously it would be different…..

  3. Melanie Supan Groseta

    I am not a Quaker yet I choose to be contemplative. I love your blog(s), Mike. I have subscribed to your new site but it is not coming through. Silent Assemblies comes through, though, and I am grateful for that.

    On another matter, here’s a newly published book you may find enticing: The Monk Within by Beverly Lanzetta. Beverly developed the original Hesychia Interfaith Spiritual Direction Program in Tucson which I attend in 2003. Keep writing and sharing with all of us. Your essays are food for my soul. Melanie Groseta, Payson, Arizona

    1. Mike Farley Post author

      Melanie, thank you for introducing me to Beverly Lanzetta. I hadn’t known her work, and I see that she has a fascinating list of books in print. Definitely someone to explore – thanks again! Mike

  4. Mike Farley Post author

    Dear fFriends, thank you all for taking the trouble to comment here. I think today’s reader stats speak for themselves! Consequently, I shall keep on with Silent Assemblies.

    Tom, I think you are right: a proliferation of blogs helps no one. (You’d wait a long time for a football blog from me. Motorcycles, or the electric bass, I might just manage!)

    Melanie, I always appreciate your comments. I’ll continue to use Silent Assemblies for most of my blogging; I’ll convert A Long Restlessness gradually to more of a static website, with a small blog section devoted more or less to pilgrimage and other spiritual travellings.

    I’m sorry if anyone who has subscribed by email to A Long Restlessness has not been receiving posts. The system is up and running, and people I know personally who have subscribed are receiving posts as they are published. I’ll look into the settings and see if anything’s wrong there, though; meanwhile, have a look in your spam folders. These things can get misclassified sometimes by over-zealous spam filters.


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