Clear and Ordinary Peace

As we sat quietly together this morning, I found my mind turning unwillingly to memories and regrets, and casting about for ways to solve the things I had not then found a way to solve. As the sun began to stream through the window, it came very quietly to me that time’s dimension heals as well as it seems to separate. I could not know how the passage of time had touched the things I grieved, nor did I need to know. The Light covered then and now, the same Light, and it was not dimmed by time; we were held, the then me and the two now people, in the same love. Nothing was needed: all was given, and was grace. There is no other dwelling place: nothing to do, nothing to earn, nor to repay. The plain, coppery sunlight of this autumn morning then somehow joined that unending Light, and held the two of us, as we sat at the table, in clear and ordinary peace.

4 thoughts on “Clear and Ordinary Peace

  1. Kersti

    Thank you, Mike. That’s a very accurate description of an experience that is characteristic of Quaker worship, but not always easy to capture well in words. One for the next edition of QF&P, perhaps.

  2. Kersti

    I wonder if I should amplify. It’s not the experience of light and grace and peace that is special to Quakers, but the characteristic way that realisation arrives at intervals along periods – of weeks or months or years – where one has been quietly repeating the Quaker practice of expectant waiting, often without any particular sense of ‘anything happening’, that ‘salvation’ – reconciliation – has seeped in, imperceptibly, until the day you notice, without shock or drama, that a burden has gone for ever, a stumbling block has melted away. Because there is no emotional shock, there is no emotional backlash, so the change is very durable. At least, in my experience it has been so.


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