“The love of God spilling out from us…”

The latest video on QuakerSpeak is a lovely account by Benigno Sanchez-Eppler of the FWCC, “Why I Worship With Other Kinds of Quakers”.

I do encourage you to watch the whole thing – but I can’t resist quoting a few words here:

The miracle happens when we’re not like minded. When we have substantial differences. When we have animosities even. When we have a real intent that this is what needs to happen, the Spirit comes, is felt, and love is felt. And then, a desire comes over us of surrendering those things that are more ours than the Spirit’s. I have felt unity arrive at the Monthly Meeting like a balm, like soaking. Particularly in those moments when we have been struggling with each other.

When you hold all the differences, you don’t hide, them, you know that they’re there. There’s something about the possibility that the differences are acknowledged, and that then, because we are living with the love of God in us and with the love of God spilling out from us, that we can do what needs to be done to arrive at unity.

This is the Spirit we all need, as Friends, and as Friends who are friends of women and men of other faiths or none, but who all, like ourselves, have that of God within each of us…

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