On babbling incoherently

We are just a little tiny flicker of a much larger flame that is Life itself, Consciousness itself, Being itself, Love itself, God’s very self. Once we say it, it seems obvious. What else would it be?

Richard Rohr

Conceptually, I don’t suppose that saying something like this makes any sense at all. But it isn’t a concept. It is direct experience. Only from experience can we dare to say things like this.

The words in which we speak of the spiritual are only ever “raids on the unspeakable” – they are not, and can’t be, conclusions, the results of thought or research. We have had an encounter: all we can do is babble, more or less incoherently, and trust that someone, somewhere, will catch enough of a sense of what we have experienced to try walking this way themselves, in hopes of falling into the hands of the living God.

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