Love is strong as death

I have in mind something deeper than the simplification of our external programs, our absurdly crowded calendars of appointments through which so many pantingly and frantically gasp. These do become simplified in holy obedience, and the poise and peace we have been missing can really be found. But there is a deeper, an internal simplification of the whole of one’s personality, stilled, tranquil, in childlike trust listening ever to Eternity’s whisper, walking with a smile into the dark

Thomas R Kelly – with thanks to Hay Quaker

It may seem odd to speak of “walking with a smile into the dark” in a culture that has grown up to “rage, rage against the dying of the light”, or even as Quakers to “mind the Light” always. But the dark of the senses is not dark: there are many more wavelengths of light clear to the heart than the eye perceives.

Catherine Doherty wrote:

True silence is the suspension bridge that a soul in love with God builds to cross the dark, frightening gullies of its own mind, the strange chasms of temptation, the depthless precipices of its own fears that impede its way to God. Such silence is holy, a prayer beyond all prayers, leading to the final prayer of constant presence of God, to the heights of contemplation, when the soul, utterly at peace, lives by the will of him whom she loves totally, utterly, and completely.

Silence is a name we give to the absence of audible frequencies, just as dark is the absence of the visible. In silence there is nothing but God, nothing but the Light of love. Love transmits on frequencies far below the audible, and far into the wavelengths above the visible, and even human love is strong as death…

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