An Advice & Query

Some time ago, I wrote an Advice & Query as part of the Woodbrooke College Becoming Friends online course. Since then, it seems to have caught one or two people’s attention, so I thought I might post it here:

Be aware that there are tides in silence, an ebb and flow of our hearts’ openness to the Spirit. Know that your heart, as all our hearts, is uncertain, and in need of love. Be open to these tides as to the Spirit; let your attention rise to the Light that is in each of us, and not to what sets us apart.

Are you defenceless enough to do this? Do you trust that in the silence, in the friendship of the meeting, our worship is indeed in Spirit and in truth?

One thought on “An Advice & Query

  1. kaydeerouge

    I find great comfort in what you have written here, for – in a very short piece of writing – you’ve encapsulated our vulnerabilities, our shared humanity with others and, perhaps most importantly, that we all have times when prayer and light and life are hard. Thank you.


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